Strong Links (Monday, 2/11)

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Advice For Parenting Young Kids” (Steve McCoy)

Some practical, concrete, timely, and wise advice on parenting from Steve McCoy. Steve pastors in Woodstock, IL, one town over from where I grew up. I love knowing he is leading and preaching in that city.

How’s Your Bible Reading Going?” (Ryan Kelly)

We’re one month into 2013 and you have already fallen off the wagon on your Bible reading plan. Or maybe you missed the chance to start one. Whatever the case, if you’re discouraged, here are some helpful reflections on why we struggle with Bible reading and what to do now.

So what if abortion ends life?” (Salon, Mary Williams)

This is the crux of the abortion debate: Not whether it is okay to kill a human life, but what kind of human life is okay to kill. This writer admits the biological fact of human life in the womb and embraces of the logic of her pro-choice view. This is haunting.

Hosea 11 in Matthew 2” (Dane Ortlund)

What’s up with how the New Testament authors quote the Old Testament? Do they impose their own meaning or are they properly interpreting and applying the Old Testament? Dane Ortlund quotes from a recent article by Greg Beale on one of the New Testament’s more difficult Old Testament quotations. Beale shows how Matthew’s use of Hosea 11 is true to the context.

Adolf Hitler’s memory is a ‘constant warning’, Merkel says on 80th anniversary” (The Telegraph)

If we believe what we believe about human depravity, we should not be naive to the possibility that, given the right circumstances, this could happen again.

Thomas Schreiner’s message at Jason Meyer’s installation service” (Tom Schreiner)

What would you say to a congregation in transition into life with a new preaching pastor. . .after 33 years with John Piper? Tom Schreiner recently preached at the installation service for Jason Meyer, John Piper’s replacement for Pastor for Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis.

10 Reflections on a Decade of Church Consulting” (Chuck Lawless)

From 2005-2011 Chuck Lawless served as the Dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism at Southern Seminary. Here are a few of his reflections from a decade of church growth consulting.

America’s Baby Bust” (Wall Street Journal, Jonathan V. Last)

There are countless dynamic explanations for falling fertility rates in the west and in America. No small part is a love for self expressed in a diminished view of the beauty of children and the nobility of motherhood and fatherhood.

You Asked: Should I Get ‘Re-Baptized’?” (Bobby Jamieson)

A good answer to a good question by Bobby Jamieson from 9Marks Ministries.

Study: How We Lose Our Virginity Shapes Our Entire Sexual Life” (The Atlantic, Lindsay Abrams)

No surprise here.

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