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cdg.jpgI love this new logo for Children Desiring God. It’s a cross. It’s a kid – and its a kid flopping around, just like kids do. In classic form, Children Desiring God is making available a treasury of helps for those who minister to children,

Listen to Piper, Mahaney, Grudem, and others teach on issues related to children’s ministry. Children Desiring God has posted all the audio from their 2005 and 2007 conferences online for freeā€”even the elective seminars. Messages include such titles as:

  • Encouraging God Esteem in a Culture of Self Esteem
  • Emphasizing Missions in Children’s Programming
  • Ministering to Families with Children with Disabilities
  • 10 Unexpected Man-Centered Causes of Family Tension

And there are over 30 more, dealing with overarching issues like why theology matters in children’s ministry to more practical questions like how to recruit and retain volunteers.

CDG also now offers several short videos to introduce you to their vision and resources.

One of the reasons that I regard Bethlehem Baptist church so highly is for their commitment to see rich theology worked out into every vein of the church’s life. They are serious about children and comprehensive in their approach to children’s ministry – to the point of developing their own children’s curriculum for Sunday School and other children’s ministry programs.

Most children’s ministry curricula are written either by organizations not associated with any particular denomination that write to appeal to a wide spectrum of Biblical position and conviction, or by denominational organizations that write to satisfy the breadth of belief and conviction represented among the churches they represent. For this reason, children’s curricula are usually vague and unspecific. Bible stories often have a “moral” but not a theological point.

Children Desiring God curricula is developed by a local church for a local church. It’s reach is owing not to an initial purpose for distribution, but to the interest expressed on the part of other churches to adopt this curriculum; “Since 1997, Sally Michael and other children’s leaders have been writing curriculum for use at Bethlehem Baptist Church of Minneapolis. So many other churches wanted to use the materials that Children Desiring God began publishing to make it available to the wider church.”

The resources and conferences provided by are a treasure trove for pastors and anyone committed to ministering the gospel to and through children.

Trent Hunter

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  1. This is very interesting. We will be starting these lessons

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