Moody: That’s a Great Answer!

There’s been plenty of talk and head-scratching about my alma mater of late, Moody Bible Institute.

Today it’s all clapping.

I’m so glad to learn that Moody has adopted the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, required by signature of faculty starting in the fall. This makes explicit an understanding of Scripture assumed by so many on site and off. This secures the confidence of alumni, pastors considering where to send a student, prospective students, prospective faculty, and the right kind of president.

For some background on the Chicago Statement, here’s an interview by Dr. Steve Nichols with R.C. Sproul.

Moody is an institution in service to Christ’s church and the mission he gave her. The church is born of, founded on, sanctified by, and sent with the Word of God.

This is an excellent foundation for the next big (and more time-consuming) process of finding the next president. For the sake of Christ’s church, may the next president be the guardian in chief of the Word and its gospel at the intersection Chicago and LaSalle and abroad. Moody is, after all, a trusted name.

I was getting asked about Moody. I didn’t have a good answer. Now I do.

Now, back to sermon prep—what you sent me out to do.

Trent Hunter

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